GippeTip List to Assist Mile High Trips

Incomplete and Unofficial List of Denver Broncos' Fan Rules

1. Clothing: Layer, wear shoes that you can stomp long and loud in, sunscreen, I shouldn't need to say it, but, Orange.

2. "The Man's" Rules: Clear bags people, no open containers...
3. Etiquette: Don't drink too much too quickly, we don't need you losing your balance and rolling down rows of fans like so many before you.
4. Etiquette: Get to your seat before kickoff, so you aren't a jerk walking in late. Besides, if you really loved the Broncos you would want to see every second of the game.
5. Etiquette: Pee before you go to your seat and then only after the game, so you aren't a jerk walking in and out during the game, and you're there to cheer when necessary. Alright, maybe a halftime break... But only if you are getting a beverage too.

6. Noise: When Trevor is on the field refrain from cheering, booing, cat-calls and the like, because Trevor doesn't like it. Even if the zebras make a crappy call.
7. Sportsmanship: Don't waste energy booing an opposing player that is down. Besides, come on, he may just really be hurt. No, really.
8. Noise: When the opposing offense is on the field there should always be a general din that can quickly rise to a clamor in nano-seconds to let their offense know they are not welcome at Mile High.
9. Noise: Cheer schedule for play clock
    a. Below 20 Stomp each leg one at a time and shout encouragement to the D, and maybe a few epithets at the O.
    b. Below 10 Jump to stomp and yell like a crazy person.
    c. Below 5 Reach such a crescendo you nearly throw up.
    d. You may be required to scream and stomp until you throw up at any time of the game if the opposing offense                  starts to heat up.
10. Don't let the opposition fool you with hurry-up offense and no-huddle b.s. SCREAM and STOMP you fool!
11. PA Announcer: For a well defended incomplete pass by the Orange Crush be ready to yell "IN-COM-PLETE!"
12. PA Announcer: Be prepared to yell simultaneously "1st DOWN!" 
13. PA Announcer: Boo when number of Mile High lame-o no shows is announced.
14: Etiquette: Stay and make noise until the end of the game.
15: Etiquette: RESPECT. Respect the Game. Respect Each Other.